From: Brandon Todd
Co-Founder of Medigap360

To:  Americans Facing Tough Decisions on Medicare Insurance

I have been helping people on Medicare to access quality healthcare since 1997. My undying belief is that all seniors and those with disabilities should have complete access to our healthcare system without restriction and without insurance companies standing between them and their doctors.

Along with my father, business partner and mentor, Frank Todd, I have built one of the largest Medicare Specialized Insurance Agencies in the United States, Medigap360, and trained many of the top producing insurance agents in the Medicare Marketplace. Today, Medigap360 continues to be an innovator in the industry by setting new standards of education for our clients and leading the way for Seniors to be able to enroll in insurance products online and over the telephone without salespeople coming to their home.

My commitment is to education of America’s Medicare Recipients. I’ve found that many people see the purchase of their health insurance as a minor (and often only an economic) decision when in fact it can mean the matter of life and death. So it is important that you as a Medicare recipient have full knowledge of how health insurance decisions you make today can affect your overall life and health down the road. Just knowing the consequences, good and bad, will empower you to make the right decisions that may lead to a longer and happier life through proper medical care.

With Medicare becoming more and more complicated year by year and now with the semi-privatization of Medicare through Medicare Advantage Plans, the stakes are higher than ever. That is why I am committed to continue my quest to give you the information you need in an easy to digest manner. My hope is that it will help you can make the best healthcare decisions possible and consequently receive quality healthcare throughout your life.

If you need personalized assistance you can reach Medigap360 at or call (888) 875-4463.

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